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This business had as sole activity what was typically done in the area- tobacco farming.

As from 1993 we started experimenting with a variety of fruit plantations such as raspberries, boysenberries, pears, etc. Looking into diversifying productions because of a decrease in the international price of tobacco as well as its longterm farming. In 1995 we started comercializing fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, etc. in the markets of San Salvador de Jujuy and the capital city of Córdoba.


At the end of 1995, reacting to the variability of the market which was considerably affecting the income-yield capacity we decided to find an alternative use for them.

That is how at the beginning of 1996, after analizing several alternatives, we started the production of home made traditional jams. As these turned out to be very successful, we decide to make them in a larger scale thus building a factory in January 1997 hoping to sell nationwide. By the end of 1997 the jams were already being commercialized as a ‘special' product in all the main supermarket chains in the northwest of the country as much as in well-known shops. Now the family business is looking into going into the international market by making contact with possible clients, participating in international fairs, looking for information and training in the commercial field.

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