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El Chucupal SRL is an agroindustrial business dedicated to the making of home-made food produce, whose main objective is to offer our clients a different, high quality, reasonable produce for we understand our clients are the reason we are a business and therefore try and provide the best produce at the most reasonable cost having the following objectives in mind:

Prime raw materials and supplies both from our external and internal suppliers are considered to be within our production operation as a supplier and client chain.

Constant improvement and development of all of the operations, including production and support in our company by implementing strict controls and follow ups. (post quality control).

Offering a constant superior quality standard within our clients demands taking both product and services used, into consideration.

To achieve such aims, our company will assign all of its resources necessary with the objective to assure effective prevention, detection and correction of any defects. Being one of our primary goals of eradicating all defects.

The quality of our control system and our products have come about through our clients, employees and co workers. All of the members at EL CHUCUPAL S.R.L have agreed to follow our strict quality control system which has been based on the requirements of the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS ORGANISATION (I. S. O.) which has been internationally classed as the maximum standard of quality.

The primary aim of our quality control system is to guarantee our clients the superior quality of our products which consequently is also beneficial to:

•  The members of our company
•  Our suppliers
•  Society in general

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